I spent a lot of time last week at the Virtual Speakers Success Summit — second best decision I made so far in 2021 (read to the end to hear my overall best decision lol).

So many talented speakers all sharing what they know so that YOU can have a lucrative and satisfying speaking career too. I was honored to not only be one of the speakers but was also given the space to run a live improv class.

Y’all know that stuff is life changing and the MOST fun.

The good news is it’s not too late to get…

Some doctors believe that we tell ourselves stories in order to live.

In some cases these stories are never updated.

For example, some kids are constantly told how creative they are. A lot of these kids never stop believing that they are a creative person.

But what if you were never told that your creativity was worth exploring? There’s a good chance you’ve never updated your story.

This post won’t connect with some people. If you’ve consistently felt inspired and motivated to pursue your creative endeavors then this won’t apply to you.

But if you feel like you are missing…

Dr. Nicole LePera is my favorite new Instagram follow of 2021. I also highly recommend grabbing her new book, How to do the Work.

Below are a couple of notes from the book along with some inspired thoughts.

As you grow older, you become distanced from your childlike self. But it’s not lost, just buried. (Note from Chris: This is exactly why so many adults pursue improv without an end game of “being a famous comedian”. Working thought: Improv is the shovel)

Giving yourself time to play and connect with others can lead to a more authentic you. When you…

It took me forever to get on stage and try stand-up comedy for the first time.

I had the work ethic to write jokes and the passion to learn about the art form. But I was missing the confidence to try it. So years went by before I stepped on stage, compounding the problem.

How many things have you missed out on because you didn’t think you could do it?

What would be different about your life if you had more confidence? Would your relationships be better? Your business?

When people tell me they’ve always wanted to get into comedy, I know what’s most…

Parks are a great place to unwind and read a book. Or have a picnic with good pals. Meditate. Exercise. Parks are great!

Parks are not restaurants. Here’s some people who went to a park then reviewed them on Yelp.

Loves the park, visits everyday, extremely smelly. Will be back tomorrow and every day after that. This park is very toxic.

The season finale of Survivor is this week and it’s anyone’s game. No, literally anyone can win Survivor because everyone who has been voted out can squeeze back into the finale — reality purists are, at best, disappointed. At worst, furious. The Edge of Extinction twist has kept beloved players on our screens and technically still in the game, that’s cool. All while not having to worry about being voted out at Tribal Council, way less cool.

If the Edge of Extinction is going to become a permanent component of Survivor, let’s frame it in a way that captures the…

Sitting front row for the Indifference Bowl

I’m curious about sports teams that name themselves after regions and not cities. I’m even more curious about scorned markets and their jagged loyalty to teams in neighboring cities. Add in a surprising run to the conference championship, sprinkle some petty confetti on top, and I’m the most curious.

So I drove to Memphis. Sitting at the Bayou Bar & Grill, I’m learning just how neutral, at best, this city feels about the Tennessee Titans being one win away from one of the most improbable Super Bowl appearances in recent memory.

Nashville, about 3 hours and 200 miles east of…

Improv Hotline offers multi-tiered services for hungry improvisers looking for feedback on their work through less traditional channels. In addition to advice columns, blog posts, and podcasts, Improv Hotline will offer feedback on sketches and live shows.

Improv Hotline is part digital coach, part access to content designed to make us better at improv. Think of it like a “box subscription service” for comedy education.

The post you’re reading right now has a couple of headline samples from the Patreon so far. If you feel like this provides value for you, I hope you hop over to the Patreon and toss $2, $4 to join in on the fun. We are building something unique here and it’s just getting started. These improv essays are not boring and the feedback you will get is not passive. Let’s try…

Documenting the New Orleans 2018 season in a new location each week

I’m so excited that the New Orleans Saints are going to win the Super Bowl this year that I’ve decided to document the season in a series called Saints 16 Ways. Each game will tell a different story — From the Mardi Gras themed casino in Las Vegas, to the popular Saints bar in Manhattan. I’ll travel to the sports bar sitting on the southern most point of Louisiana, I’ll venture to every notable neighborhood in New Orleans. Follow the journey on Instagram here. Welcome to Week 1 of Saints 16 Ways.

A sample post from Improv Hotline

Look, your new improv group has to have a disagreement at some point, it’s inevitable. And it usually involves the name. Skip the bickering and just grab a name from one of the ponies hitting the track this weekend.

Good Magic is highlighted for a reason up there. It’s clearly the best name of the bunch, despite it inching dangerously close to being corny. A corny name spells doom for most improv groups — a name skating close to corny, however, can work wonders. I’m scared of how far back my eyes might roll if the performers claim to do…

Chris Trew

Hi, I’m Chris Trew. I run Hell Yes Creative and am forever on tour. I wrote How to Start a Comedy Scene from Scratch, Improv Wins, and Behind The Bench. #NOLA

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