How To Steal a Stroller

Advice for new parents on a budget or anyone who just wants a stroller

You probably know that strollers are the #1 way to get a baby from Point A to Point B. But did you know that strollers are also very easy to steal? Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting yourself a new stroller.

A) Find someone pushing a stroller with a baby inside of it. It’s important that there’s a baby in the stroller and not a dog or groceries.

B) As soon as the person pushing the stroller takes the baby out of the stroller (for holding, feeding, or to show off), walk up to the stroller and take it.

The person holding the baby has a decision to make here. Do they protect the stroller or do they protect the baby. 100 times out of 100 they choose to protect the baby. I have 100 strollers in my garage at home and now you can too.

C) If someone approaches you in a way that makes you think they are going to try and take your new stroller, run. Run and say something loudly like “where is my baby”. Now people may think your baby has been kidnapped and will leave you alone about the stroller.

Now, some people may think the person who just got their stroller stollen is the person who supposedly has your baby, as they are probably stomping around carrying a baby they wish they were pushing. This is why you run as fast as you can. If it’s difficult to run while pushing your new stroller then just cast it off to the side. You can do this trick at least once a month per park.

Good luck!

Hi, I’m Chris Trew. I run Hell Yes Creative and am forever on tour. I wrote How to Start a Comedy Scene from Scratch, Improv Wins, and Behind The Bench. #NOLA

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